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Networking helps you keep more in your pocket

money in your pocket
We’ve partnered with Community Buying Group to save you money on materials and add more money to your bottom line.

The Lowe’s program probably saves you the most money by saving 5%+2% with a Lowe’s Accounts Receivable (LAR) account. (For now, you can stack this with your military discount too.) This is not a credit card, but an accounts receivable program paid in full within 30 days. (Get your contractors on board too!)

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Just another way we’re helping you to be more successful!


I’ve created a facebook group for us all to communicate easily between networking meetings. Ask questions, get a phone number, post deals, and more. Right now, it’s a closed group, but click through and you’ll be approved. As always, this will be a spam free zone.

In my copious spare time (sarcasm font), I’m working on a website for us too. If anyone would like to help with that, please send me a message.

Dayton Real Estate Networking (12/14/15, 6:00pm)

Send me a quick RSVP, The restaurant needs a head count, we may need a second server.
See you there
Event details are here if you need them.

Rehab for Sale – Beavercreek Ohio

Rehab for sale – Is this your next project?

We’re just too busy to finish this rehab. Open to offers.

rehab for sale
3903 Gardenview, Beavercreek, Ohio

3903 Gardenview, Beavercreek.

We initially set the ARV at 125K. However, A similar home in the same subdivision  without a basement just sold for 138K. You MUST determine your own ARV, rehab budget, and MAO.

Currently a 4/1 with a full walkout basement. We were considering options to make it a 3/2 or a 5/2.

Trashout and demo mostly done, still a few things to remove

  • Electric Panel and service just replaced.
  • New Garage door, opener to be installed.
  • Roof Quote was $4,875 not including deck roof. (3 layers)
    Contractor quotes etc will transfer.

Call for access.

And yes, I can get you financing for this property.

By the way, Networking is Dec 14.

Get the RIGHT Lease Option Buyer


Lease OptionSelling properties using a lease option is getting popular again. This a great exit strategy, and is very effective when used correctly with the RIGHT client. As with anything else, there are people who will abuse the strategy to take advantage of people who will never qualify to actually buy. Don’be be one of those people.

Personally, I’ve sold several properties on Lease Option. In every case but one, the buyer executed the option and bought the property. Several people I know have done a lot a lease options with varying degrees of success. Here’s what we have found.

There are two keys to making it work; the property must be priced right, and your must qualify the right buyer.


The deal must be fairly priced for the monthly payment, and the option price must be priced right for the purchase. If the deal is structured poorly, or it is financially unreasonable, it likely won’t go through. You shouldn’t set up a deal like that in the first place.

Just based on price ranges and without thoroughly qualifying the buyer, here is the trend we see.

  • Low priced houses are least likely to get to the sale.
  • Mid priced varies from low to high, based on selecting the right buyer. (more on that below)
  • High priced houses usually complete; if not, often it is by the buyers choice, not ability.


  • Someone who has never had good credit to buy a home, or never been a homeowner isn’t likely to finish. If they’ve been a tenant for years, they are likely to remain a tenant. Occasionally some will complete.
  • Someone who has had good credit in the past, and especially, was a previous homeowner, will very likely succeed, no matter what price range the house is in.


Your buyer must already be on the path to buying a home. This one element is your key to success. Yes, you can beg, cajole, push, and otherwise push some people to do the needed steps, but very few of these will finish. You want someone who is already taking the action needed, not just claiming they want to.

Of the people my friends and I have had succeed, many were people recovering from a temporary setback. (Divorce; Bankruptcy from business failure; previous loss of income with new income now, etc). Some could have bought then, but were waiting for personal reasons. A large majority were previous homeowners. Most importantly, almost all were already on the right path. They just needed the time to get there.

There you go, two items for a successful Lease Option.

  1. Price it fairly.
  2. Approve a buyer who is already on the right path to qualifying.

Saving money with the Dayton Real Estate Investing Network

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You’re welcome,
Darrin & Christina
Dayton Capital Partners, LLC
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Dayton Ohio #10 for house flipping ROI

According to RealtyTrac, Dayton, Ohio ranked #10 in the nation for the highest average gross ROI from flipping houses. (Sorry Cincinnati, you didn’t make the top 20). Data is from the first quarter 2015.

Dayton, Ohio #10, 53.7%

RealtyTrac ROI Chart 1Q2015

53.7% for the average gross ROI sounds quite impressive. However, the Gross Profit in the report is simply the difference in the purchase price and the sale price.

You still have all those other pesky little expenses like the rehab, holding costs, sales cost, interest etc. Still, it’s nice to see a good spread to fit those expenses in.

Full Report from RealtyTrac

Remember, the gross spread has zero bearing on a good deal. You still need an accurate ARV, Repairs, and MAO.

Dayton Rental Property For Sale $24,700

Dayton Rental Property: Cashflow!

To the far north end of Dayton, this Dayton rental property is a great buy and hold in a stable, mature neighborhood. My favorite preference is still buy and hold forever, but this would be a great property to sell to a Lease Option tenant or on Land Contract for those of you who are looking for that exit strategy.

This Rental Property is 2 Bedrooms, 1 bath,  972sf, 9 foot ceilings, original woodwork and trim. Full basement could be finished for more living space. Walk up attic for storage. New Architectural shingles recently installed. 1 car garage,  and a fenced yard

Some interior paint and shower surround are the top priority. To get the best rent, and the best tenant, you should update the electric and the furnace, however, what is there does work fine. The rest of the property is all in good condition.

Doing everything right, total repair total about $5,000. For a small fee, we can oversee the repairs for you.

Property Manager is ready to go on this property.

Additional Pictures here:

Price: $24,700

Rent: $600
Taxes: 85 (est)
Insurance: 40 (est)

48 E Siebenthaler, Dayton, OH 45405

Cheap Real Estate Marketing

Cheap Real Estate Marketing

I was asked recently how I do my real estate marketing for under $100 per month. It’s a great question, especially when you’re getting started with minimal money available.

I do enough real estate marketing to close my target of 1-2 deals per month. I could do more deals if I did more marketing. I may do more again, but now this is how busy I choose to be.

You can outsource much of this work when you have enough cashflow. But when you have more time than money, this is the way to do it.

  1. Google Voice. It’s free. Get your own dedicated number for marketing and forward it to your existing phone. There’s enough storage so you have a virtually unlimited voicemail box. Of course, you should still answer as many calls as possible.
  2. Free online ads. Craigslist is still the champion here, but there are others. Everybody else is on there too. So what? It still generates leads.
  3. Website. You can point the online ads to a website if you want, but most people call the phone number. Some people do go to the site from the craigslist ads and submit online. Only one seller in the past year has said they chose to contact me due to my site.  $10 per month.
  4. Bandit Signs. If money is tight, you can buy a few locally and write on them yourself. About $5 per sign, and a really big Sharpie. Once you’ve got the funds, go online and order 100 preprinted signs for under $400. They’ll last a while, especially if you only put them out on weekends. Be aware of local codes and enforcement. It’s unprofessional to mess with other people’s signs. I won’t mess with yours, but don’t steal mine either.

    We Buy Dayton Houses Vehicle Lettering - Cheap Real Estate Marketing
    Vehicle Lettering
  5. Vehicle Lettering.  Either decals like you see here, or magnetic signs. The decal pictured was about $60. Magnetic signs are about $50 per pair and should last a couple of years. Put one on the back for those tailgaters too. Park creatively everywhere, it’s about visibility, not convenience. Just don’t be obnoxious like the person who takes four spaces for their precious car.
  6. Business Cards. A box of 500 is $20-25 online. Watch for specials too. Go to various networking events, especially those with real estate related themes. A real estate agent referred a recent deal to me when they wouldn’t list it due to the houses condition.
  7. Network. Join your Local Real Estate Group. Meet people who have the same interest, and are potential buyers and sellers. Price varies locally, In Dayton it’s $150 for one year, Some groups are free. Google and Meetup can help you find a local group. If you’re in Dayton, contact me and I’ll get you connected.
  8. Talk. Talk is cheap, even better it’s free. People need to know what you do. Tell everyone, just don’t be like the stereotypical MLM convert. My barber bought a home from me as a result of casual conversation.
  9. Call. Call every “We Buy Houses” sign you see. I’m actually amazed at how few answer the phone, or even call back. The competition is not as strong as you think.
  10. Call. FSBOs. Many are FSBO because they have an inflated sense of value, or too large a mortgage. However, there are some deals here. And it’s great practice for talking to sellers.
  11. Direct Mail. I do a little, but very selectively. Some vacant houses, a few expired MLS listings. Less than 20 letters or postcards per month.

This is what I do for marketing each month.Can I do more? Absolutely. But I choose not too. We are in this business to create a lifestyle, not work 80 hours a week. For under $700, I can do my marketing for year. For under $1200, I can probably cover two years. So I guess that works out to $50 per month average over two years.

When I want to ramp up the business, I’ll do more Bandit Signs, and talk to a couple of friends about putting signs on their cars. I’d also start a direct mail campaign, targeting my desired properties.

There you have it, Cheap Real Estate Marketing. Of course, you could still get deals doing just the Free marketing too.

Did I miss any cheap real estate marketing ideas? Please add a comment below.

OREIA Wedding at the OREIA Convention

Going to the Ohio Real Estate Investors Association (OREIA) Conventions can lead to more than real estate investing. In this case it led to a permanent Joint Venture.

Check out the Real Estate Wedding at OREIA. Take a minute to read the vows too, they’re a riot, if you’re into real estate.

OREIA Wedding, Real Estate Wedding
OREIA Wedding

Guess where the OREIA  Wedding anniversary party will be?

Many thanks to Vena Jones-Cox for performing the ceremony and to Vena and Kyle Sweeney for their creative writing abilities.