Dayton Real Estate Networking:

The Dayton Real Estate Networking event is for investors, landlords, contractors, agents and other people who work with Real Investors to get to know each other, help each other succeed, and improve our investing. You’re encouraged to bring your deals, and announce what you are selling, and looking to buy.

Typically, there are to 65-70 people attending.

Contact Darrin at or call (937) 458-3303 to RSVP for your first visit.

The event is held at TJ Chumps, 1100 E Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd, Fairborn, OH.

We meet the second Monday of each month. We’ll start around 6:00pm. (No, you don’t have to be there precisely at 6:00 pm.) People get there as their schedules allow.

The Buy-Sell announcements will start a little after 7:00pm.

Event format:

  • Networking
  • Buy and Sell announcements
  • More networking.

As a networking event, there will be no formal presentations and no specific topics, although we do expect the majority of the conversation will involve Dayton area Real Estate. Topics are whatever people want to talk about this month. Past discussions have included:

  • Wholesaling
  • Rehabbing
  • Note buying and selling
  • Private Financing & Private Lending
  • Contractor referrals
  • Landlording and Property Management
  • Government issues
  • Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act
  • Apartment Investing
  • Marketing
  • Current Deals

As a networking event, expect to move around, join in the various discussions, learn and share your thoughts.

If you have a genuine interest in learning and helping each other succeed, this is the right place.

If you are looking to take advantage of someone, or screw someone with a bad deal, this is NOT the place for you.

Purchase Dinner and Drinks individually, and tip the server well.

13 thoughts on “Networking”

    1. TJ Chumps
      1100 E Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd
      Fairborn, OH
      Starts about 6pm.

      I look forward to meeting you there.

        1. Yes, contractors are encouraged to attend.

          It’s a great way for Investors and Contractors to get to know each other.

  1. My name is Travena. Me and my husband just got started in wholesaling real estate. We have been looking to connect with other experienced investors and would love to attend the event. Looking to share our thoughts and get educated.

  2. The October 9, 2017 meeting will be held at T.J. Chumps in Fairborn, right off I-675, at 6:00 PM”ish”. We have a private room near the front of the restaurant on the left, a dedicated food and drink serving team (on your own tab), and plenty of information to share. Great, friendly atmosphere. Other than what you eat, drink and tip (generously, please…the room is free to our group), there is no charge for attendance.

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