OPM (Other Peoples Money) is almost always talked about, and often sought out by investors. Money can come from, friends and family, or more formal lenders. It’s the catalyst for many beginning investors, and the appropriate leverage for experienced investors.

Multiplying your existing cash allows you to grow faster than you could if you only used your own personal funds.

When you’re looking for a lender focus on these things about your potential lender.

  • Are they experienced in our industry?—Required
  • Are there any upfront fees before you can even submit an application? —Fail
  • Do you need to pay a membership to join them? —Fail
  • Are they a “One Size Fits All” lender?—Mostly Fail
  • Do they have multiple programs available?—Required
  • Do they have multiple sources of funds?—Win
  • Will they evaluate your deal accurately?—Required
  • Do they also lend with their personal funds?—Win
  • Can they help restructure a deal if needed? — Win
  • Are the lenders also investors? —Bonus

Dayton Capital Partners, LLC

To get access to funds for Real Estate Investors, call Dayton Capital Partners, LLC. There you can get money for rehabs, rentals, and even transactional funding for your wholesale deals.

  • Hard Money Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Rental Property Loans
  • Transactional funding for wholesale deals
  • And a few other crazy things people have asked for.

Dayton Capital Partners, LLC only lends to investors for investment properties. If you are an owner occupant, looking for funding on your personal residence, Dayton Capital Partners can’t finance you. They may have some good referrals for you though.