Dayton Real Estate Networking (2/8/16, 6:00pm)

Dayton Real Estate Networking           (2/8/16, 6:00pm)


As several of you with tired legs know, we’re overflowing our private space at Logan’s. We love them dearly for their great service, but we simply don’t fit anymore. If you know of any place that has good food, drinks, and great service, where we can grow to around 100 people, please send your ideas to We will need a new place for the March meeting!


We have a Facebook Group to enable everyone to communicate with one another more easily between networking meetings. Use it for questions, referrals, post your deals, and more (find leasing agents and note buyers … just sayin’). Right now, it’s a closed (private) group – to join, click Dayton Real Estate Investing on Facebook and you’ll be approved. As always, this will be a spam-free zone.


money in your pocketYeah – you read that correctly. We’ve partnered with Community Buying Group (CBG) to save you money with more than 20 real estate-oriented vendors. Save on materials, tool rentals, print services, office supplies, background checks, and more! Many of you have already signed up and are seeing the benefits.

Probably the best deal for most of you is the Lowe’s program – you save 5% on every purchase with an LAR (Lowe’s Accounts Receivable) account. The LAR is a charge account (not a credit card) that must be paid in full within 30 days. PLUS you get a 2% rebate on everything you spend, that’s paid out twice a year. You don’t have to be a part of this networking group to sign up, so you can get your contractors on board as well.

The best part? It’s FREE! If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time. Sign up with CBG using this Direct Link. Do it now before you forget, like I would.

Everybody saves, everybody wins! Just another way we’re helping you to be more successful!

It’s been standing room only the last couple months, and this month will be no different, so we REALLY need you to RSVP this month. We may be expanding into the bar until we have a new space. Don’t miss out … Due to space limitations, you MUST RSVP to

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