Hoarder House in Dayton Ohio

Huffman 1714 Front photo
For Sale, $29,700
$700 Rent
No Rehab needed
(Eastern Hills area of Dayton, Ohio)
This is NOT the Hoarder house.

I thought you all would enjoy a few pictures of the latest project.

My property manager referred this house to me. Several real estate agents declined to list it. One of them got permission to have me contact the owners and see if I could help. It’s in the Huber Heights suburb of Dayton,  so that’s a good one to look at. It could be a retail sale, or a good rental.

The owner told me on the phone there was a bunch of “stuff” in the house. That didn’t really worry me. When they told me that several agents had declined the listing I got concerned. There are plenty of real estate agents that will list anything at any price, reasonable or not.

Once I get there, the exterior of the house looks normal. I decide to open the garage and go through there first. The garage is got stuff in it, but not bad. My garage at home is worse.

Belle Plain 7207 (33) (800x600)
Can’t get through the kitchen.
Open the Front door and what should appear?
20140213_122600 (800x450)
King of the Hill

I tried to open the door to the kitchen, and only got it open about 12 inches.

I stuck my head in and got this picture.

Rather than crawling through here, I decided to try the front door, hoping to find a path.

I got the front door open enough to squeeze in, but there’s no path. Just a small mountain.

There’s about 2 feet between the top and the ceiling. After I climb to the top and take a look, What do you think I found?

Belle Plain 7207 (32) (800x600)
For as far as the eye can see.

Yep, more of the same. 4 – 5 feet deep through the entire house. Every room is full of stuff. How many 40 yard dumpsters will this one take? At least 3, maybe 4.

I still haven’t finalized my exit strategy on this one. I’m not keeping it as a rental, so the question is how far do I go before I market it?

Trash it out and sell it Wholesale?

Do a partial rehab, then sell it to a homeowner as a fixer?

Or do I finish a full rehab and sell it full retail?

What do you think?

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