Dayton Real Estate Networking 1/11/16

Dayton Real Estate Networking (1/11/16, 6:00pm)

Send me a quick RSVP for the real estate networking, The restaurant needs a head count; we likely need a second server. See you there.  Details are here if you need them.


I’ve created a facebook group for us all to communicate easily between networking meetings. Ask questions, get a phone number, post deals, and more. Right now, it’s a closed group, but click through and you’ll be approved. As always, this will be a spam free zone.

In my copious spare time (sarcasm font), I’m working on a website for us too. If anyone would like to help with that, please send me a message.

Networking helps you keep more in your pocket

money in your pocket
We’ve partnered with Community Buying Group to save you money on materials and add more money to your bottom line.

The Lowe’s program probably saves you the most money by saving 5%+2% with a Lowe’s Accounts Receivable (LAR) account. (For now, you can stack this with your military discount too.) This is not a credit card, but an accounts receivable program paid in full within 30 days. (Get your contractors on board too!)

Sign up with CBG now using this Direct Link. Do it now, before you forget like I would.

Just another way we’re helping you to be more successful!

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